reno journey report

Since concerning reno to fulfill and socialize with Vince, i have actually been really blessed economically, and its not since ive been staying with poker, considering that i have not. i can just think its from God, since the Bible guarantees us that he will bless those who base on the side of the country of Israel and curse those who oppose the Jewish individuals.

i gotten here with $34,300 and now about 2 or 3 weeks later on, i am at $43,500. something thats assisted is just needing to pay hotel charges 5 days in the last 3 weeks and never ever twice a weekend. Eliminating hotel charges is rather easy if u play video games like devices and blackjack rather of simply poker. Go into a gambling establishment and wager $3000 on live blackjack, and then go into a various gambling establishment and wager $3000 on live blackjack. i guess u might even do it on craps, or on sucker video games like live roulette which pokerluckbox likes. one bet will win and one bet will lose over the long term, and whichever gambling establishment the bet loses in, theres your complimentary location to live.

and ive had wins at live poker, i can think about 2 in the GSR for over $800, one in the silver tradition for over $800 and one in the peppermill. Ive lost my last 2 PLO sessions and my last poker session in GSR. encountered Jaime (Yoshis good friend from the mix video game which no longer goes) and paid him off when he over bet $250 into a $100 pot with the nut ace hi flush when i tumbled a set.

he states he will send me a welcome to his next mix video game which he keeps in personal hotel suites, however i fret he has dealerships who understand how to repair the deck. he utilized to at the atlantis in my viewpoint, for how else would i have actually lost so frequently when he draws 5 cards?ive likewise purchased

some excellent books at Grassroots book shop in reno which i extremely advise. among them i checked out nearly in one day and am nearly ended up. began today.

i am truly tired of not having a microwave in my space. no gambling establishments here even have them in the lobby. ive still got 8 hormel compleats which i had actually in my examined luggage which i got on the airplane in lake charles with. a minimum of i lastly got my laundry looked after and i utilized a pickup and shipment service.

pity reno does not have bargains in apartments like tahoe does now that ski season is over and summertime hasn’t yet begun. reno theres no where to lease a location to live beyond the gambling establishment

im getting to end up being extremely acquainted with utilizing in space safes which i utilized to be frightened to utilize, however considering that covid theres method less pressure to utilize housekeeping and nobody cares if u pull out til after your journey is over. Im less concerned the housemaid will take from the space. im bring a lot money i have no option.

Vince is house in vegas however he was here when i left the airplane and he went to take a look at a recreational vehicle park however its high expense and they desire a recreational vehicle under 10 years old and he does not understand what he will purchase when he gets his in June.

ideally he does not lose the $132k i saw in his inspecting account balance i seen in between from time to time which he received from offering his condominium in vegas.

i would recommend everybody see the following video. it will reveal you precisely what my doctrinal belief system is and how i see the world. its remarkable if u listen to the whole 30-45 minutes. this video is by somebody i admire even more than Donald Trump and if she states Putin is as bad or even worse than Zelensky is, i guess she understands what shes speaking about.

storm caution, watch from the start there is a button to click to hear the whole podcast

Go into a gambling establishment and wager $3000 on live blackjack, and then go into a various gambling establishment and wager $3000 on live blackjack. Ive lost my last 2 PLO sessions and my last poker session in GSR. Cutting out hotel charges is rather easy if u play video games like makers and blackjack rather of simply poker. Go into a gambling establishment and wager $3000 on live blackjack, and then go into a various gambling establishment and wager $3000 on live blackjack. Ive lost my last 2 PLO sessions and my last poker session in GSR.

continued WSOP journey report part 3 that includes good friends

well i guess i wont be going home early. my appointment for 4 weeks on Priceline thru July 8th i attempted to leave a week early and the supervisor wanted to let me and reimburse me $857 of the $3673 i paid, however Priceline declined to consent to it when she called them. It was not able to be altered, so ill be in town another week now. im attempting genuine tough to ensure i do not leave vegas with a bankroll under 35k.

lightning and koala are leaving town either tonight or in the early morning, and lightning was going to the airport when i left the westgate a bit earlier and i went on back to my hotel. Koala has a 15 hour flight he fears in the early morning. Koala likewise offered me a $34 coupon for a flix bus that i can utilize anywhere they service. (possibly toledo detroit?)

and the day prior to lightning and a man called zetus larry on twitter who reads my blog site and resides in louisiana and i were dipping into the redrock, where the video game is terribly tight in the 1-2 although the 2-5 looked wild. lightning informed me today somebody took the catalac converter off his buddies cars and truck and i do not actually comprehend what it does because i do not drive, however its apparently a genuine issue. i marvel if Ray understand what its utilized for

and today something unusual took place at the westgate. a man swore he understood me from detroit about 8-9 years earlier. stated i utilized to kip down bottles and cans at his cousins shop. it couldnt have actually been me, and possibly it was Ray or his buddies and he seen me with them at the gambling establishment. this seems like something Keith or Todd wouldve done. if i ever did that in the old days when i was homeless and panhandling in toledo it wouldve taken place in toledo, not detroit. and wouldve been 30 years earlier, not 8-9

he likewise stated he seen me at greektown which couldve held true, however i definitely wouldnt be who hes thinking about if a person was generating cans and bottles in detroit.

Now ill requirement more food once again. lightning and i stopped at the shop en route house from redrock so i might purchase food and he was initially going to drive for the person who was intoxicated so he wouldnt get stopped however he isn’t almost as intoxicated as vince is when he drives house and he drove house simply great.

i believed that was good of him however i didnt like the text he sent out Ray when he got my phone. lightning needs to of been upset that Ray believed it would be a great concept to hope Koala had health.

ive not played any live BJ just recently due to the fact that of the time i squandered $1000 on 6-5 device in resorts and $2000 more online blackjack. Live wouldve been a much better video game with much better odds.we all understand online poker is rigged, possibly online BJ could be too? i went all in on a flop of 774 with AA and i likewise raised preflop a person called me publish flop and preflop with K9 offsuit. turn and river KK to knock me out. this wouldve been mathamathecally difficult in a video game where he couldnt see the whole board ahead of time. i do not comprehend why individuals lose time attaching bots in just $1.50 tourneis.

and likewise i lost a huge pot in $2-5 recently which i never ever play unless im stuck and do not feel at ease in however i dream i had more time playing it. for a man whose only earnings is from poker for 30 years, i do not play high enough.

i raised preflop and some woman called with Q6 fit and struck a flop of 10c7c3c and i had aa with one being a club. I couldnt fold on the flop when she raised. cost me my entire stack.

ive seen really bit of vince considering that hes so hectic working the wsop, however he was initially going to put me in a southpoint tourney given that hes filled with money.

practically any city in the United States is unaffordable due to inflation and will just worsen if we do not begin producing and purchasing russian oil. i seen costs about 3k and more for spokane if i wished to go to for a month and all of montana too. just location economical is texas. and i hate paying time rake.

Its clear the rapture will take location quickly as wicked as this worlds getting, i believe it wont occur til after the november election because Trump was assured by God 2 terms.

Koala likewise provided me a $34 coupon for a flix bus that i can utilize anywhere they service. Live wouldve been a much better video game with much better odds.we all understand online poker is rigged, possibly online BJ could be too?

brand-new poker space journey report confined

well its great to be out of coushatta, still up over$ 8000 on the dealerships angels maker without taking any huge losses. about time i discovered a video BJ maker that i won on. and given that i was

there over 3 weeks and just spent for a hotel space as soon as (next door at the very best western on a day both the gambling establishments 2 hotels and their cabins in the recreational vehicle park were 100 percent offered out)thats sort of like a win in itself. the gambling establishment is excellent about offering compensations if u play makers. i existed so long, the hotel in Houston where i still had 2 weeks staying and never ever went back to, inspected me out while i was away. good idea i took anything of genuine significance with me when i left Houston. As far as great poker in Coushatta well the NL is really sluggish throughout the week and at times wasnt even going, and it passes away early. partially due to the reality they wont lower the rake if the video game is prize eligible so u pay $5 plus$2 on a brief handed table.

just on the weekends is the poker great and will last late during the night. the very same young kid called Chaz who i was having fun with in shreveport asked me to discuss him in the blog site so i will. i had QQ reviewed the top of a $20 blind bet allin preflop for a little over$100 and he called blind with 57 offsuit.

the flop shows up 246, 6 turn, and 8 river. i had a great deal of misfortune that very same night specifically with hands like JJ on flops of T54, QQ on hands of flop 732, and so on however thinking about i went there from Houston with just$25,600 and left town with $34k plus i succeeded. i do not have rather that much now, i spent for a location for a week and the expense to get here. im playing poker now in a location ive never ever played prior to and the bright side is nobody here appears to understand me, for nobody has actually called me TBC, or discussed my blog site or my twitter. Im able to win at poker once again. not a lot however for 2 nights in a row now.

not just have i never played poker here, ive never ever even remained in this city previously. i do want the location had a bit more organization and i do not like paying $2 for a coffee, however its excusable a poker space. a minimum of the little blind does

n’t need to act initially when the button straddles. the video game was definitely loose sufficient however typically

just 1 table was going, possibly 2. still, i do not believe ill spend time as soon as my week ends at my hotel. Thing i did when i came to town( besides paying for the hotel and getting some rest was the exact same thing i constantly do.(go to a supermarket and purchase a weeks supply of food )and i was so pleased to lastly have the opportunity to transfer $4000 in a bank of america so i wasnt bring almost as

much money as i remained in louisiana where there is no bank of america. thankfully i did NOT go to canada or utilize a canadian bank, considering that ive retweeted the links to where protestors can send out contributions.( was pressed to by Bill Potts). thats a terrible thing for a federal government to do and this is how Hitler started in March 1933 when an emergency situation act was passed in Germany, permitting him to take the possessions of any political opponents. who wishes to reside in a nation where the govt if they do not concur with what u are opposing they can freeze all your possessions? im embarrassed i

ever supported the patriot act under Bush. i sure wouldnt now. id still choose to reside in airbnb rather of a hotel however very first i require to understand where ill stick it out an entire month or more and thats difficult to understand ahead of time if u will win playing poker in a particular area or not. for why go to where u wont win? Its difficult to discover an airbnb inexpensive sufficient if u desire the whole location to yourself rather of simply one space

, and particularly if u are scared it wont be in a safe location and u do not desire to take the owners word its a safe area sight hidden. despite the fact that id never ever choose online poker to live, im grateful to state ive in some way still got about $40 in my bet online poker account, which has to do with $10 more than what i transferred over 2 weeks earlier. Whenever Bart Hanson ever leaves california i will be pleased to play the stake on the livestream he used me on twitter however ill most likely have to take a trip as soon as more to austin very first to do it. It appears Grumps pal

Jennifer newell is attempting to begin problem to cancel my stake. read this thread.!.?.!i am still stunned anybody took anything i stated actually that several years earlier and why some gambling establishments believed i was a risk. Surprised i do not understand how to discover an excellent legal representative who can repair the circumstance and perhaps win a fit. individuals who have BLM in their bio are even more professional terrorism than me or those canadian truckers or trump advocates. BLM eliminated a great deal of senior blacks attempting to safeguard their organizations from damage throughout the riots. anybody ever become aware of David Dorn? and likewise Jennifers group simply bailed a man who was a BLM activist out of prison for shooting at a person running for mayor merely due to the fact that he was Jewish. how does she support this?

As far as excellent poker in Coushatta well the NL is really sluggish throughout the week and at times wasnt even going, and it passes away early. Im able to win at poker once again. As far as great poker in Coushatta well the NL is extremely sluggish throughout the week and at times wasnt even going, and it passes away early. Im able to win at poker once again. Its tough to discover an airbnb low-cost sufficient if u desire the whole location to yourself rather of simply one space

, and specifically if u are scared it wont be in a safe location and u do not desire to take the owners word its a safe area sight hidden.

a great deal of unusual dreams

i keep returning to sleep and back to sleep for longer and longer amount of times, considering that i couldnt sleep this afternoon due to my brand-new phone (a lot better than my old phone that went kaput) providing me an emergency situation caution of a twister in the location. I began talking to my mom and to Ray. Ive been waking up later on and later on anyhow. frequently after midnite when the video games separated or ready to.

in the last dream, im on a bus or train (in all my dreams they reverse and forth into both cars) and im heading house from a fight where a number of black men are gazing at me from down below on the street after ive entered into an arguement with some black lady where i am on some sidewalk outside a service method up high. and im on this bus-train and am on an upper level of it and as i get near to my stop at my house, i see the exact same person strolling thru it searching for me and i go to conceal in the travel luggage compartment and am resting oversleeping it, its like a bed, and i dream when he strolls by he feels my feet protruding over the edge, and i awakened shouting.

prior to that i dreamed i was spending for the recompense with a paper i utilized to release when i was under age 21, together with a quarter to ride the bus, and likewise i was riding in some cops vehicle who was off task and out of uniform and he was attempting to prevent the routine authorities. and after that i dreamed i was with my papa, and we remained in philadelphia and passing a lots of adult book shops searching for a low-cost location for me to live, and i was questioning if hookers were operating in those locations.

and after that i dreamed i remained in some huge shopping center, and i was awaiting somebody, and this one man kept seeing this one lady he utilized to be with, and i believed possibly she may likewise be a hooker. and the person im trying to find never ever reveals, and i see a lots of individuals who do not like this one company owner due to the fact that he is an excellent christian with strong old made beliefs about sin, and they remain in his ice cream store without his approval imitating workers however offering all his product free of charge, however the consumers do not recognize this, and simply believe theyre getting an offer and im seeing them dip out icecream with huge surprised

i left san antonio with only 30500 and im still at 34100. how am i still winning at vbj general in spite of many heavy losses, consisting of the 4700 i lost a day or more ago and it was twice 7500 at one point. there have actually been more wins than losses and keep in mind i was up about 9000 at coushatta mainly at vbj when i delegated go to waco on the previous journey.

now its the next day and im attempting to sleep, slept about 6 hours up until now and im still having dreams. was high up on this flight at this one gambling establishment and im submitting a study to get 1 million in totally free play, and its asking me strange concerns like do i have any kids and do i require a flight to return and forth to work and why do i wish to work for your business? and the girl enters the back workplace to make a telephone call and i feel she will learn about my arrest and have me prohibited. I check out a huge indication and about fall over thousands of feet attempting to check out the terms and its a trick, i get $10 in complimentary play every monday for 20 years. and my mother is pertaining to choose me up and ive got to stroll down a ladder miles long. and im scared.

and after that im in a poker space and theres a dealership called Britni and im resting on her to sleep my head like a pillow in my chair in the seat beside me, and some man who works there informs me to move my head who i believe is her sweetheart and i relocation and all of a sudden i see its a person im laying on and she left the table and give up the video game without me remembering she left and the man is in fact the dealerships sweetheart. Thats why he desired me to move my head.

a couple of days later on, after i had a drop in vbj after some winning sessions and after purchasing both a brand-new phone and a brand-new laptop computer– and still cant find out how to utilize the brand-new phone as a wifi hotspot on the laptop computer. never ever had any issues utilizing the old phone. require to return to the shop to have somebody see what the concern is since nobody here will assist even with deals of a $50 suggestion. im back to 31.5 from 37.7

i dream i remained in reno now, since vince remains in ely en route to reno. he likewise informed me the vbj in Ely draws and pays 6-5. he is on a trip with his good friend to go to his timeshare in genoa NV beyond reno about 40 miles south.

slept late, and now the 1-3 NL is separated and its after midnite. I wont head over to the gambling establishment from the recreational vehicle park till its time to play vbj. ive got a genuine great refrigerator with a freezer in my cabin at the recreational vehicle park. about a 20 minute walk. the other day for the very first time the video game walked around the clock all 24 hours. i kicked back down at 7am and made the 6th gamer and it never ever broke. i lost $941 at poker the other day then later on recuperated $242 prior to i stop, however all the huge loss originated from vbj. Of course id won it all on vbj in the previous days. Ive invested on laptop computers and phones and so on and ubers considering that leaving san antonio, i still have about 1000 more than i left with. i had 30,500 when leaving san antonio

while vince remains in reno he informed me he would look into what it costs to discover a recreational vehicle park with connections around the peppermill location to see about parking the recreational vehicle hes purchasing in june. He states it will cost method too much to not park it in vegas.

dreamed tonight im pushing the side of the highway sleeping and motorbikes are getting method too near me and im too near to the roadway. I see a feline bring a much smaller sized feline and its chewing on it and i discover it gross and i struck the feline on the head to secure the smaller sized feline and it drops it.

and after that im with this woman who wishes to be my sweetheart and some man and us are strolling thru a field and he states to rest here and put a blindfold on and i am questioning if he indicates me or her and im being setup and he states that ALL ladies like meth and theyre going to do meth. And then some ladies who look like they do all begin approaching and stating hes. and after that some lady far better looking starts stating this is how she began, and hung out solely with people consuming and prior to she understood it she had a shit lots of kids. and shes mad all the men 20 years later on all unexpectedly wish to be around who didnt wish to be around then.

and after that alysia chang is assisting me choose a christmas card, and i desire a flight to the gambling establishment however shes entering a restrunt and states shes fulfilling somebody. Im strolling about a mile up and i see my mommy and shes informing me this motel is the just one she discovers cost effective and the wall in her space has a lot of bookcases on it. and i informed her you couldve satisfied alysia chang however she stated she didnt understand she remained in town.

its fantastic all the propaganda individuals keep succumbing to that are attempting to get us into a nuclear war with russia. now theyre declaring russians eliminated civilians in Bucha. If u follow the best individuals online and are in the understand you understand that civilians use white armbands to represent they are no danger or assistance russia and blue if they support ukraine. and individuals who passed away a great deal of them have white armbands. and this didnt occur til after azov went into as soon as the russians left. russians aren’t eliminating those who aren’t versus them. the neo nazis in the azov group had a video on twitter by a person called the butcher in which individuals are stating those men who do not have blue armbands can we shoot them?

I check out a huge indication and about fall over thousands of feet attempting to check out the terms and its a trick, i get $10 in totally free play every monday for 20 years. Im strolling about a mile up and i see my mama and shes informing me this motel is the just one she discovers budget friendly and the wall in her space has a lot of bookcases on it.

Las Vegas journey report

well despite the fact that i understand i do not belong in vegas, and my roll has actually decreased a fair bit because leaving reno, in such a way im thankful i came due to the fact that i got to invest a long time with buddies i do not get to see typically.

i lost $4300 in one day at blackjack, and $1800 in 1 day at video poker, however ive had some excellent days too, consisting of a $1900 poker session in bomb pot PLO.

therefore far i still have not been charged for a hotel space, although that will end quickly.

i require to discover a method to obstruct myself from playing online blackjack though or a minimum of block myself from utilizing cashapp to purchase bitcoin for betting functions.

and a minimum of Vince lastly passed a walmart so i can have food products in my space. its frustrating to not have the ability to consume when i get up, however need to stroll throughout the street to mc d in the plaza to purchase food.

Koala is likewise remaining at the exact same hotel for a couple of days in a space about 15 feet down the hall.

a minimum of las vegas has an all bomb pot double board omaha video game now despite the fact that its presently just going on tuesdays. we are attempting to get it to go regularly. its at resorts world.

the meetup video game at sahara i went to on might 30th had like 2 tables going and lasted a couple of hours. primarily everybody appeared who had actually initially registered. tatude likewise appeared and count whatever appeared.

if somebody has good cash and does not mind paying $3500 or more each month for a location to live, theres good apartments in the palms with kitchen areas readily available on airbnb. i believe its more than i can pay for however a minimum of u would be safe.

Koala will be here til completion of the wsop, i may not be.

I was delighted to be able to ride with lightning a couple of times, i was anxious i may not have the ability to. and the Palms has the very best video games and guidelines (surrender is allowed) on 8 deck 3-2 low stakes blackjack video games and even much better guidelines in the high limitation space.

I was delighted to be able to ride with lightning a couple of times, i was anxious i may not be able to. I was happy to be able to ride with lightning a couple of times, i was concerned i may not be able to.

where should i go?

its hard to choose where to go to play great poker all 24 hours a day. every location i can think about has something about it i do not like. Call a city and ill inform u. some cities video games break in the middle of the night, some cities it costs method excessive for a hotel or airbnb, and some cities have an absence of omaha. and some locations the expense of Uber is excessive.

Vince is preparing to have his bro in Dallas and household go to for a week or two quickly so vegas wont truly be the very best location not even thinking about theres many locations i cant check out any longer in vegas to go play.

and although Ray repaired his cars and truck, i do not believe he wishes to drive to Ypsilanti or detroit a lot. hes not been playing any poker or makers recently. I dream it was just devices he wouldnt play.

theres very few locations left i have not had an opportunity to go to with good poker. numerous a couple of locations in washington state, montana, brand-new hampshire, florida, texas, chicago, pennsylvania, and mississippi. a few of the poker spaces i wished to check out sooner or later never ever resumed after the infection.

its an embarassment the gambling establishment im presently at for a couple of days does not permit microwaves in the spaces. and i seriously require to have my toe nails that wont cut once again too, so i dream i was by that exact same health spa in reno or san antonio however im not. a minimum of not thing u people may be amazed to hear is that im in fact winning $3000 approximately on VBJ in the last 2 days approximately. (well a minimum of in the meantime at the time im composing this.) potentially i wont be by the time its released. i will state, it makes a distinction what kind of VBJ u are on. im on a maker that reveals when it mixes and pays 3-2 and enables surrender.

Heres the bad news. Ive got a horrible dependency to online BJ. it was costing me cash at Vinces home in Vegas, and likewise times prior to that which ive most likely forgotten. and it cost me a lot in El Paso too, throughout the times i was winning a lots of cash at the Sun city club there in live money video games. thats why i left El paso so id play live BJ rather.

and i really made about $500 or two in live BJ in vegas in between the Palms and the Golden Gate and the D and Circa.

i would swear in the previous year, ive lost a minimum of $10,000 to online BJ. thats a substantial part of my annual earnings.

the only method i understand i might genuinely stop is to ask cashapp to obstruct me from purchasing bitcoin so i couldnt utilize it for betting any longer. Then what would i do if i actually required bitcoin for something else, such as online poker?yeah i won over$3000 on the dealerships angels VBJ these previous couple of days, and then tossed away $2500 of it online til my online BJ was all gone the other day about 1pm prior to i went to sleep. i was actually wishing to give up however never ever might get unstuck so i might stop playing and it does not take a lot of martingales to be out a lot.

i believe the factor i want to play online is since mentally ive typically seen myself lose when im gaming cope with an edge live, so i seem like in the long run it does not matter if its plus ev or minus ev and if i can wager with an edge or not. and for a bettor thats the incorrect method to believe. its simply that ive lost many times in live gambling establishment settings with a huge plus count its difficult to stop these sensations from flooding in.

this is likewise why im going to play the 6-5 VBJ at resorts world, i seem like it does not matter if its 6-5 or 3-2, i can win on the 6-5 and lose on the 3-2 the reverse of what ought to take place takes place numerous times. Thats not the best method to believe.

Baccarat odds and basic terms

For those gamers who are just beginning their journey into the world of online casinos, but have not decided yet which entertainment to choose, Baccarat …