Roulette has been known for centuries, but today, it is played mostly on the internet. New online casino clients, who just start to learn how to play Roulette, find out that they can get good winnings and more money than with other games of chance.

How to play Roulette: basic rules

The game rules are very simple — even a beginner learning how to play Roulette at casino can remember all this information in no time. Roulette has 3 main attributes: the wheel with 37 or 38 red and black sections (pockets), the table (usually green), and the ball. Everything is about guessing the number, which the rotating ball will “pick” when it stops after a throw. The game offers many different betting options, such as even and odd, dozens, and other different combinations of numbers. Probabilities and winnings vary depending on how many numbers the bet contains. Online Roulette is easy, as there is an interactive menu on the game table where the player can easily select the appropriate bet and bet area. It only takes less than a minute to play one round, so the game is fast-paced and really rewarding.

It attracts players also because it is easy to win money! The house advantage is only 2.7% in European classic game with the wheel with 37 pockets (36 numbers + Zero). Those, who are eager to know how to play Roulette American variant with 2 Zeros, should remember that their winning odds are lower, and the casino has a 5.3% advantage.

how to play roulette game

One of the most interesting features of the game is its payout odds. They vary depending on the probability of a bet being hit. For instance, the odds of winning a red/black bet are 2; the odds of winning a single number are as high as 35.

Winning strategies

The most often asked question here is about how to play Roulette and win all the time. Playing Roulette in the optimal way, one can narrow the advantage of the house to a really small size. Gamblers, who are interested in the information that can prompt them how to play Roulette strategy, can remember the things mentioned below.

  • Martingale system. This is the most famous strategy of all. It is based on the fact that after each lost bet, the bet doubles for the next round of the game. With this system, red/black, small/big, and even / odd bets are used. If the bet is lost, it will be doubled for the next round of the game.
  • James Bond Strategy. The player bets on different sets of numbers in the divisions. The range of numbers can be, for example, from 19 to 36 and from 13 to 18. Observing the correct ratio of bets, the player receives an 81.5% chance of winning.
  • Paroli. The player selects the base bet. If a round played with a lower bet is lost, the next round is played with the same bet. If it is a win, then the bet on the next round doubles. If there are two winning rounds, the bet will be returned to the lower bet.

The game payout percentage is one of the best in any casino, therefore more and more people are curious about how to play Roulette.

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